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Rod E. Hairston is an international authority in mindset, peak performance, behavioral conditioning, leadership, and organizational culture. Rod has coached Forbes 400 executives, elite professional athletes, and industry-leading organizations such as Disney, ABC, Quicken Loans, and Honeywell. As a compelling keynote speaker and the CEO of Trusum Visions, LLC and its global enterprises, Rod and his team continue to impact individuals and organizations around the world to achieve effective, lasting results.

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In Rod’s International Best Selling book, “Are You Up For The Challenge? 6 Steps to Lasting Change: Starting Now, Not Someday” you learn the steps and process to become the Ultimate Performer in your life. You learn that finding your joy comes from being turned on to growth mode.

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Rod’s keynote presentations will train your team to achieve and maintain the emotional intelligence, mindset, and belief systems necessary to successfully execute on a consistent basis. Rod’s presentations can be customized for your company and your outcomes. The design and delivery are developed with proven behavior-based models to achieve the specific outcomes you have identified for your event.

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Envision-U is a global leader in providing corporations with intelligent systems and strategies in reaching their organization's vision, financial outcomes, and ideal cultural environment.

The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) is the largest online community specifically designed to grow sales people worldwide. NASP is backed by over three decades of experience and success in sales and leadership, working with Fortune 500 companies and top sales professionals around the world.

Growth-U offers leading edge, world-class events and proven programs for individuals and teams to learn, change, and grow in key areas of their lives: finances, career, relationships, health and energy, mindset, influence, and communication.

Evolie unlocks human potential through the next evolution of learning. With powerful and proven conditioning systems, Evolie programs are automated, actionable, and accountable to create lasting behavioral change. Evolie supports individuals and companies worldwide in creating programs that support their employees, followers, or users through the growth cycle to create transformative and lasting change in their life or business.

Be Investable is dedicated to providing programming and resources for entrepreneurs to grow themselves and their businesses. By focusing on outcomes for the enterprise value of the company, Be Investable supports the organization’s growth and success. Utilizing training models and education systems, Be Investable develops leaders with the attitude, skills, and knowledge to Be Investable.

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The Childhood Domestic Violence Association is the only nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to helping those who grew up living with domestic violence. The Association’s staff and leading researchers in the field are available for press interviews to discuss the leading knowledge on the issue, which has less than 10% awareness.

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