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  1. This www.rodhairston.ventures website (the “Site”) is owned and operated by Rod Hairston. Rod Hairston has created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate its commitment to user privacy and online data security, and to communicate its online information gathering, use and dissemination practices for users of this Site. We encourage users to take time to read and understand this Privacy Policy, and to contact us if you have any questions or concerns with this Privacy Policy or anything you see or experience on this Site.
  2. This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to the terms of the “Terms of Use” for this Site. This Privacy Policy will fully disclose our policy about the collection, maintenance, use, disclosure, and security of personally identifiable information obtained from users of the Site. By personally identifiable information, we mean a user’s name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, financial information or any other information that can be used to contact an individual, or which is identifiable of a specific individual (“Identifiable Information”).
  3. Rod Hairston shall use your Identifiable Information only in association with its operation and administration of the Site and its communications with you. Rod Hairston shall maintain the confidentiality of your Identifiable Information in the same manner in which it protects its own confidential information of like kind, but in no event shall Rod Hairston take less than reasonable precautions to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or use of your Identifiable Information.
  4. Rod Hairston may disclose your Identifiable Information to its employees and contractors on a need to know basis provided that such employees and contractors have confidentiality obligations to Rod Hairston. Rod Hairston may also disclose your Identifiable Information as required by applicable law or pursuant to a subpoena, order and/or request of a court or other governmental, legislative or regulatory body. Lastly, Rod Hairston may modify your Identifiable Information such that it is not identifiable as yours, and Rod Hairston may store, analyze, manipulate, aggregate, display, disclose, distribute, retain and otherwise use such unidentifiable information without restriction.
  5. Rod Hairston’s obligations under this Privacy Policy do not apply to any information or data that: (a) is not identifiable as yours; (b) is or becomes entirely in the public domain; (c) was known to Rod Hairston prior to its access to the information or data; (d) received lawfully from a third party through no breach of any obligation of confidentiality owed to you; and/or (e) created by Rod Hairston independently of its access to or use of your Identifiable Information.
  6. You have the option to opt out of providing certain information or data, from being contacted by or receiving information from Rod Hairston, its sponsors, advertisers, affiliates and/or strategic partners, and to choose how Rod Hairston uses your information and data. You may exercise your options by sending an e-mail with your request to “team@rodhairston.ventures .”
  7. The security of this Site, and of the servers and other computer equipment used to bring you this Site, is a high priority of Rod Hairston. We maintain this Site and all associated data with technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect against loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification, and improper disclosure. We follow industry-proven security procedures such as encrypted administrative communication, restricted access to underlying machines, and firewalls at network access points. No computer system or information can ever be fully protected against every possible hazard. But Rod Hairston is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate security controls to protect this Site and its information against foreseeable hazards.
  8. Credit card numbers are used only for processing payments for services that you request through this Site, and are not used for marketing, sales or other purposes. All credit card transactions are handled through an encrypted system with a secure online credit card processing company. Because Rod Hairston values the security of your credit card information, under no circumstances will Rod Hairston store your full credit card number on the Site in any manner whatsoever.
  9. Rod Hairston’s servers will collect certain technical information from your computer when you access or use this Site. Below we have summarized this technical information:
    1. Internet Protocol Addresses. Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses are identification numbers assigned to a user’s computer by its Internet Service Provider each time the user logs onto the Internet, or are permanently assigned if a user has an open connection to the Internet.
    2. Web Logs. Rod Hairston maintains standard web logs that record basic information about visitors to this Site. Our web logs contain the following information:
      1. The type of browser you are using when you access this Site, for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.;
      2. The type of operating system you use, for example, Windows 98;
      3. The Internet domain from which you access this Site and/or the address of the website you linked here from; and
      4. The date(s) and time(s) you visited this Site, and the pages you viewed and/or functions you used while you were at this Site.
    3. Use of IP Addresses and Web Log Information. Rod Hairston does not try to identify individuals or otherwise collect Identifiable Information from IP addresses or web log information. IP addresses and web log information are used by Rod Hairston to, among other things, administer the Site, help diagnose technical problems, to track and analyze aggregate data associated with the Site, to design this Site, identify popular features, and in similar ways. Rod Hairston may aggregate IP addresses and/or web log information, and may store, analyze, manipulate, display, disclose, distribute, retain and otherwise use such unidentifiable information. We may also provide IP addresses and/or web log information to law enforcement agencies if someone tries to damage this Site or use it in an unauthorized or illegal way.
  10. Rod Hairston receives and stores certain types of information whenever you interact with Rod Hairston. For example, like many websites, Rod Hairston uses “cookies,” and Rod Hairston obtains certain types of information when your browser accesses www.rodhairston.ventures. A “cookie” is a piece of information that the Site sends to your browser, which then stores this information on your computer. If a cookie is used, the Site will be able to “remember” information about you and your preferences either until you exit your current browser window (if the cookie is temporary) or until you disable or delete the “cookie.” The purpose of the “cookie” is to identify you when you visit the Site so Rod Hairston can enhance and customize your online experience. Many users prefer to use “cookies” in order to help them navigate a website as seamlessly as possible. You should be aware that cookies contain no more information than you volunteer, and they are not able to “invade” your hard drive and return to the sender with personal or other information from your computer.
  11. Questions, comments or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy and/or this Site should be directed to Rod Hairston’s Privacy Administrator by e-mailing such questions, comments or complaints to team@rodhairston.ventures.
  12. Rod Hairston reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any time in its sole discretion. Rod Hairston will provide notification of any change by posting the change on this Site. You are responsible for regularly reviewing this Privacy Policy and all such changes. Continued use of the Site after any such changes have been posted shall constitute your agreement to such changes.

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